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We have had clients from all over the world, including Ukraine, Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Africa, USA, Poland and Brazil!

Meet Lila!

I have enjoyed learning Afrikaans with Africhance Tutors tremendously! The course met all my expectations and was tailored to meet my needs.

My tutor (Jackie van Wyk) was not only very competent and knowledgeable, but also very friendly and willing to adapt to my pace and requirements. It's unbelievable that in such a short time I have managed to learn so much. Nou praat ek 'n bietjie Afrikaans! Dankie!

Meet Jane!

I moved to South Africa with my husband in 2010 and was keen to learn the Afrikaans language as it is so widely used where I live. I contacted Africhance and was recommended Marnel Truter as a tutor. We have been on the most exciting adventure together over the past few months. She has helped me discover this new language with such passion and great experience. We had a lot of fun along the way and I left with a firm foundation of the Afrikaans language and the knowledge that a wonderful institution is there when I need to 'brush up'.

We used a variety of techniques in class suited to my needs and performance level. I felt 100% catered for. Africhance are a professional and reliable establishment and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to further their skills in Afrikaans.

Thank you to all the team!

Meet Mila!

I believe language has a very strong connection to culture. This is one of the reasons why I am learning Afrikaans and taking lessons from Africhance Tutors. I am from Brazil and married into an Afrikaans family. We recently had a son and we are raising him in three languages: Portuguese, English and Afrikaans.

Having lessons from my Afrikaans Tutor (Jackie van Wyk) has been a great experience so far. I have started to understand a lot recently and I am able to follow Afrikaans conversations now. I used to feel left out and excluded, but this is changing. Afrikaners appreciate it a lot when they see my efforts to speak their mother tongue. I feel very proud of myself, I am keeping my brain busy and I am having so much fun!

Thanks to the support I have been getting from Africhance Tutors, I am feeling a lot more integrated into South African culture. Afrikaans people play a big role in the history of this country and I am gaining more knowledge and a greater understanding of the nation.

Ek probeer Afrikaans praat, want ek wil die Afrikaanse kultuur deel met my nuwe vriende. Dankie aan Africhance Tutors vir hierdie kans!

Meet Rachel!

I have nothing but wonderful words to say about my Afrikaans tutor. Mariska was the perfect teacher for me. She was patient and encouraging with me as I struggled over the words and pronunciations. She kept me interested and engaged in every lesson. She was willing to be flexible with the class schedule and made it easy for me to take classes while working full-time.

She tailored each class to topics I wanted to learn and always came up with new and creative ways to teach me. For example, she took me to McDonald's and had me order food and coffee in Afrikaans! I would recommend Mariska to anyone that wanted to learn Afrikaans.

Baie dankie, Mariska!!!

Meet Lorena!

I moved to South Africa from Canada 4 months ago with my Afrikaans boyfriend. The majority of his friends and family also speak primarily Afrikaans. During my first couple of months here, I taught myself a bit of Afrikaans. However, it was not enough to follow conversations, which was frustrating.

I spent the next 2 months taking weekly lessons with Ria from Africhance Tutors. During that time, my learning really accelerated. What I learned was very pragmatic and well-paced - a good mix of grammar, vocabulary and reading and speaking practice based on the topics I was most interested in. Ria was patient, flexible and creative and gave me useful homework and study tips in addition to my lessons.

The lessons also boosted my confidence. Now I can speak and understand and Afrikaans in my everyday life.

Baie dankie, Africhance!

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