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Editors Note

Who are you?

I can tell you who you are not: someone who has never heard of Africhance Tutors! The way you think about learning a language and the perception you might have about the Afrikaans language is about to be blown away by a concept that is so simple you will wonder why you haven’t thought of it yourself.

We teach people Afrikaans. Not a new idea right? But how we do it is the difference. Exactly how you want us to. So many courses are designed around a preconceived notion about who you are, how you learn and what they think you want to know. Not everyone is beginners. Not everyone has time for homework. Some of us travel, have small children or need a break every now and then. Or maybe we need Afrikaans for a specific reason. We don’t know who you are, that is why we meet you first and in collaboration we decide on the best method for you. Everything is customised and flexible, from the lesson content to

the frequency of the lessons. Exactly what you need – the chance to learn Afrikaans!

I started this business in 2010 because I couldn’t take it anymore that people were giving up on learning Afrikaans because they weren’t getting the opportunity to.

The comment that Afrikaans is an exclusive club that isn’t easy to get into made the teacher and entrepreneur in me blush. An absolute disgrace in my opinion. So Africhance Tutors was born and on a mission to change this false perception.

By making use of a network of tutors we provide

Jackie van Wyk

valuable work opportunities and the chance to meet people from all over the world. Having had only a handful of tutors up to now, we have had clients from more than 10 countries worldwide!

In 2012 Africhance Tutors won the Stellenbosch Idea Competition presented by Stellenbosch University and Innovus which was great exposure and led to many other great opportunities.

In early 2013 we added more than 30 tutors to our network and are planning so much for this year, we don’t know where to start! So let’s start with you. Visit our website, ‘like’ our Facebook page and get excited! Who are you? You are someone being presented with a wonderful opportunity. Use it, share it and let us know what you think!

Jackie van Wyk

Meet Mary-Ann

Name and surname:
Mary-Ann Swanepoel

Afrikaans qualifications
and experience:

I have started my journey as a professional Afrikaans teacher almost 18 years ago. To be able to touch lives in this way has made a huge impact on my own! I have read the most amazing creative works/stories of students and this was an inspiration to put my own thoughts on paper in different ways. Being a teacher has taught me: never underestimate a hungry mind!

Something interesting:
It was a huge honour to be awarded Top Teacher of the year in 2004 at Leeuwenhof Akademie (Dynamic private school in Gauteng – Gr.0 – Gr.12)

I just love a challenge, and grab each one that comes along. My slogan in life is: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me” -Kobus Vermeulen. To me this means: grab life and its challenges with both hands and live it! Make life happen!

Why Africhance:
Why not? A platform where I can do what I have a passion for and be able to touch lives and make a difference to my own… now doesn’t that sound like an enjoyable challenge?

Why me: Experience + passion = Success

In February 2013 we had our first Training Day for our new tutors. For the first edition of our newsletter, we have selected three tutors to introduce to you. They are talented, driven and extremely excited to meet you!

Meet Bibi

Name and surname: Bibi Burger

Afrikaans qualifications
and experience:

I am currently busy with my PhD in Afrikaans literature. I volunteer at educational charities for disadvantaged school children and also tutor Afrikaans at Stellenbosch University. I have tutored students from age 5 to 50!

Something interesting:
I have very big appreciation for books, movies and art and love getting the opportunity to get to know people.

Why Africhance:
I love learning about other cultures and thought this would be a good opportunity to share my own with others.

Why me:
I really enjoy teaching. I care not only about language and culture, but also about my students.

Name and surname:
Dirk Liebenberg

Afrikaans qualifications
and experience:

I am currently studying a BA Degree in Humanities, majoring in General Linguistics, Applied English Language Studies and isiXhosa. I have received various awards and commendations from different committees who strive to promote Afrikaans. I have also received certificates from the SA Taalbond for examinations I have successfully completed.

Something interesting:
I have a wide range of interests and very good general knowledge. I love the Elvish writing system (also known as the Tengwar) and I can even speak a few words of different languages from around the world. Languages are my passion! Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn!

Why Africhance:
I can think of no better platform for people to engage with our colourful language in such a way that they can have more than enough confidence to engage in conversations with native speakers. I am excited about all the lasting friendships and relationships that can be built by learning our wonderful language, and using it in the real world!

Why me:
I am passionate about Afrikaans and I have more than enough patience and a very pleasant personality, which will undoubtedly be beneficial and prove to be invaluable in the process of teaching my clients to speak Afrikaans.

Idees Vol Vrees
Go check out...

One of the most challenging aspects when learning a new language, is understanding the humour. For some excellent word play, find “Idees Vol Vrees” on Facebook and have a look at their pics – hilarious!

Note: If you don’t understand all of them, ask an Afrikaans friend to explain it to you.

Click to like the “Idees Vol Vrees” Facebook page "Idees vol vrees" Facebook Page

Africhance Corporate

We are very proud to announce that Africhance Tutors is now also catering for corporate companies! Whether you have 5 or 100 staff members, we can teach them basic Afrikaans! If you need them to have specific Afrikaans skills, we can customise a course especially for you, keeping the industry in which you operate in mind.

Email us for more information – do not let this opportunity pass you by!

Africhance Community

With Africhance Community we have created a platform where people have the opportunity to learn or improve upon their Afrikaans – at no cost! If you have ideas or suggestions for community projects where you think Africhance Tutors can help, please let us know – we want to get involved!