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Editors Note

Come in, have a seat!

Africhance Tutors is proud to announce that we now have our own classroom in central Stellenbosch – and our funky red chairs are waiting just for you!

Situated above the Stellenbosch Post Office on the corner of Bird and Plein Street, we are where the action is. Being minutes away from the Tourism Office, restaurants, Dorp Street and parking lots (yay for parking in Stellenbosch!), Africhance Tutors is proving that we are going places and that we are serious about having fun.

A heartfelt welcome to all our new clients! And to those who haven’t contacted us or referred someone to us yet,

just look into our little red owl’s eyes and ask yourself: why is this owl so cute? No, wait, my point was: be part of the great things we are aiming to achieve. Visit our website, read our March Newsletter or “like” us on Facebook if you want to know what we do and how we do it. Or if you want a short summary: we teach Afrikaans.

Jackie van Wyk

Jackie van Wyk

Every month we feature a few of our tutors – they are bright, passionate about Afrikaans and very excited to work with you! Let’s meet them:

Name and surname:
Anuska Rabe

Afrikaans qualifications
and experience:

I am currently studying a BA degree in Language and Culture. I am majoring in Afrikaans, French, English and Psychology. I have a background in education, because I studied BEd (Education) in my first year at Stellenbosch University. Up until now I have completed the subject Afrikaans and Dutch at first and second year level at university. I am also an Afrikaans mother tongue speaker. I have competed in several Afrikaans Olympiads during my high school education and I have received numerous awards at school for Afrikaans.

Something interesting:
I am addicted to coffee (laugh) ! I have a huge appreciation for books, movies and theatre. I love the French language and I would like to be fluent in French some day! I love travelling and exotic cities I've been to include Sydney, Rome, Venice, Verona, Florence, Katakolon, Kusadasi, Istanbul, Dubrovnik and my ultimate favourite, Paris.

Why Africhance:
I am a friendly, bubbly, patient person who loves to share my knowledge with others. This is what Africhance is all about!

Why me:
You will never have a dull moment with me in the room! I am creative and innovative. I have a special place in my heart for every person I meet on my life's journey and therefore I treat every client as an individual.

Name and surname: Raiza Crombie

Afrikaans qualifications and experience:
Afrikaans is my first language and I'm proud of that fact, as it is a wonderful language. I continued with Afrikaans on university level out of pure interest.

Something interesting:
I am currently a third year BA Humanities student at the University of Stellenbosch majoring in Psychology, IsiXhosa and English. My studies are very important to me,as I would like to make a success of it. I am extremely interested in the field of psychology,as helping others is in my nature and a big part of my future plans.

Why Africhance:
Africhance is a great opportunity for me to engage with different people and to contribute to their lives,even if it’s just in a small way. I think Africhance is a great initiative, as Afrikaans is a fascinating language, especially once you've mastered it.

Why me:
I love interacting with people and I believe that if you can help someone in any manner,in this case by teaching them Afrikaans, you should grab that opportunity with both hands. I can adjust to various different types of people and situations, and would do my utmost best to ensure a comfortable learning experience.

Go check out...

One of the most challenging aspects when learning a new language, is understanding the humour. For some excellent word play, find “Idees Vol Vrees” on Facebook and have a look at their pics – hilarious!

Note: If you don’t understand all of them, ask an Afrikaans friend to explain it to you.

Click to like the “Idees Vol Vrees” Facebook page "Idees vol vrees" Facebook Page

Africhance Corporate

We are very proud to announce that Africhance Tutors is now also catering for corporate companies! Whether you have 5 or 100 staff members, we can teach them basic Afrikaans! If you need them to have specific Afrikaans skills, we can customise a course especially for you, keeping the industry in which you operate in mind.

Email us for more information – do not let this opportunity pass you by!

Africhance Community

With Africhance Community we have created a platform where people have the opportunity to learn or improve upon their Afrikaans – at no cost! If you have ideas or suggestions for community projects where you think Africhance Tutors can help, please let us know – we want to get involved!